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Turn The Other Cheek

A statement of strength, not weakness.

I've been reading a bit lately- on the act of mental strength, developing resilience and generally being a more strong minded person, not that I need to be, but it never hurt I guess. 
Through this I found a parable, which in itself meant a lot to me, and it went a bit like this:

When the Spartans finally beat the Persians, their army demanded their leader defile the bodies of the Persians; like the Persians did to their leader of the fallen 300.

The Spartan general said...
"Such actions are more fit for barbarians- and even in them we find it a matter of offence. For conduct such as this God forbid I should find favour- it is enough for me to please my men by decent actions and decent words."

And well this had me thinking... For years I felt like "turning the other cheek" was an act of weakness. Being meagre and allowing others to walk all over you. It occurs to me now that this is a significant act of mental strength. 

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